Cute Bowls for Cute Pups

Have you just bought yourself a new puppy? Or are you envious of your friend’s new furry companion and now desperately want one of your own? Or maybe your puppy isn’t really a puppy anymore and they have outgrown their current bowls and supplies, and they need some new ones? Well, we have got you covered.
Training is so important for a new puppy, we can’t have our little darlings chewing our new shoes or our lovely new coffee table. One of the best ways to train puppies and reinforce good behaviour is with treats, and what better way to keep treats fresh and tidy than with the glass jar with clip lid. This also keeps the smell of the treats at bay to prevent distractions while training.
After a good training session, it is time for some playtime. Keep all your pup’s toys in one of our Storage Caddies, to keep them organised and tidy, and allow easy transportation of your pet supplies for when you go for walks or puppy dates.
Dog Bowls and Accessories with custom personalised wording
After training a playing, your puppy will surely want some dinner and a drink, so why not treat them to their very own special bowl with their name on in their favourite colour? Here are a few photos our recent buyers have sent in and we think they are just the cutest!
Dog Bowls with Custom Personalised wording for names  Dog Bowls with Custom Personalised wording for names    Dog with custom personalised food and water bowls


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