It's Time To Share A Cuppa

Now that we can invite over our friends and loved ones, being able to sit together outside again is such a small thing, but for some people, this is a dream come true. Being able to spend time with people again has been sorely missed, but now we can finally do it again, let's make the most of it. One of the things we're looking forward to is sharing stories and hearing what our friends and family have been up to over a nice hot drink, and if you're having people over, you want to impress, and what better way to serve drinks than with Kath & Kin own hot insulated mugs.
Our Set of Double Walled Insulated Glass Mugs are the perfect way to keep your teas and coffees lovely and hot. Perfect if, like me, you can get so engrossed in the conversation that your drink turns cold. These glass mugs create an insulated layer to keep the heat from the drink inside, making sure the drink stays nice and warm, without worrying about burning your hands. Or if you'd rather a cold drink, the mugs will keep the cold contents away from warm hands, keeping the temperature of the content consistent for those warmer days we will be getting soon! A stylish and classy way to serve your drinks.
Although if you're after something with a little more character, we can't get enough of the CUTEST mugs we have ever seen. Not only are our Animal Double Walled Mugs adorable, but they share the insulated design as the previously shown mugs. The mugs are excellent for those who like to stand out, and make an amazing talking point! These mugs will be returning for Christmas!
Duck Cat Bear Double Walled Insulated Mugs 
Now all you'll have to worry about is remembering what everyone wants to drink.