Small Business Big Impact

Kath & Kin have something exciting we want to share with you. During May in 2020, we launched our very own website, and we have come a long way since then. During one of our busiest periods during the peak of the pandemic, we made the decision to make some big changes to the way we ship packages and to minimise our impact on the environment.
8 months later, we have seen that although we are small, we can make a big impact, and we are very proud of how far we have come. Here are some of the things we have achieved since our website launch:
By changing our courier, we have offset 127,000kg of CO2 emissions. This is the equivalent of taking 67 cars off the road, or heating and powering 8 houses for an entire year.
Our total carbon-neutral deliveries total over 350,000 miles. This is the equivalent of circling the earth, 14 times.
We removed plastic-based tape for our packages and replaced them with a more eco-friendly paper-based alternative. This has allowed us to save 8.1km worth of plastic tape, the same length as 1427 elephants.
Reducing the size of our postage labels by 75% has allowed us to save 2100sqft of paper. That much paper saved would be able to completely cover a tennis court.
Changing from plastic bubble wrap to a paper alternative has allowed us to save over 1100kg of plastic, enough to cover 2 football pitches.
We would like to thank our supporters, customers and followers, together we can achieve great things. We continue to try and reduce our environmental impact and be as eco-friendly as possible. Although we may be small, we want to do as much as possible to look after our beautiful planet.