Spruce up your Kitchen!

We all dream of having a clean house, but who actually dreams of doing the cleaning? We certainly don’t, and that’s why we design ways to keep your home as tidy as possible. We are very passionate about making your home and lifestyle as tidy, clean and organised as possible, and we want to share them with you.
A messy and disorganised countertop or cupboards can cause a true kitchen nightmare, and cooking a large meal can become quite hectic if you let it get away from you. Keeping your kitchen organised and tidy needn’t be a chore, and will make cooking even the grandest meal feel so easy. The perfect place to start would be with our Labelled Glass Jars With Bamboo Lids. These jars are ideal for storing your kitchen essentials, from anything to pasta and spaghetti, to all of your favourite toppings and seasonings. With custom personalised wording and the clear glass and bamboo design, these containers can be made to store anything you desire, and really adds a unique touch of class.
Labelled Glass Jars with Bamboo Lids
Alternatively, our Glass Spice Jar with Bamboo Lid and Spoon is perfect for keeping all your favourite flavourings, herbs, and spices, stored neatly in an organised manner. With the bamboo spoon hung on the side of the jar, it adds convenient and easy access to the contents, making sundries less of a chore. With the same custom personalised wording as the previous jars, having them labelled this way will save time and money when it comes to restocking trips, and allows quick access to whichever herb or spice you need. When all the glasses are full of your favourite herbs and spices, they turn the collection into a lovely decorative display.
Glass Spice Jar with Bamboo lid and Spoon

Finally, our Round Glass Containers with Bamboo Lid are the perfect way to keep all those little bits, snacks and sweets you like to keep handy, such as stock cubes or crackers. With the same eco-friendly bamboo lids and custom personalised wording as the other two types of jars, these will look right at home in your kitchen. The jars are also the perfect way to store leftovers to take to work, the lid locks in heat to keep food warm and doubles as a coaster for drinks to protect surfaces.

Round Glass Container with Bamboo Lid

These glass storage jars all come with custom personalised wording, allowing you to choose the wording to go on the jar, and also with an airtight bamboo lid, to lock in freshness and taste to whatever you keep inside.