Make this Christmas Personal with Pump Bottles

Hi Everyone, so what better season to talk about our shampoo and conditioner dispenser bottles than the season that brings us cosy bubble baths and long hot showers!

Now with Christmas just around the corner, we are all starting to think "What are we going to buy Jane and the kids? What would my friend Sarah want, right?"

Well, that's what we are here for. Let us take the stress out of Christmas shopping and bring you some of our best selling dispenser bottles and top must haves under the tree this year.

You may know by now how popular our refillable bathroom bottles are. Reusable pump bottles not only look pretty around the bath or at the kitchen sink, there are many other benefits to using our aesthetically pleasing pump bottles. With their pump dispenser nozzle, this gives you more control over the amount of shampoo and conditioner or hand wash you use. 

We all have that one person in the house who uses enough Shampoo and Conditioner for everyone right? Not only is using reusable bathroom bottles better for the environment by using less, leading to less single use plastic, but it helps save you cash on your restock shopping trips too. Win,win I say

So how does the pump action help reduce single use plastic and save me money? I hear you ask.

Here's how...Ever squeezed a bottle of shampoo into your hand or bubble bath into the bath and ended up with more than you bargained for? It's happened to us all. Do you put it back in? Never, often impossible right?

Now with our pump dispenser bottles this gives a smooth, controlled flow of the contents of the bottles, meaning you often get a little less rather than more. No more excessive over use leading to less waste for all the family which we are all for. 

Now on top of the controlled pump action of the bottle, they are also perfect for taking along to refill centres. Where you can take them back again and again to refill. 

Now we all know shampoo and conditioner bottles from the shop can be un-matching and a little unsightly around the bath. What better way to spruce up your kitchen, bathroom or wash area than swapping out all those old mix and match body wash and shampoo and conditioner bottles for Kath and Kin’s customisable, reusable dispenser bottle. Giving an instant glow up to your bathroom, wash space or en-suite

Our dispenser bottles are a well loved product by thousands, including some famous faces like Mrs Hinch and Jac Jossa. One question we get asked a lot. Which bottles did Mrs Hinch and Jac Jossa buy from you. So here they are White and Matt Pump Dispenser Bottles Mrs Hinch had grey wording and Jac Jossa selected our copper wording colour. With our customisable options on our website, we allow you to select your own wording colour on our bottles putting you in control and allows you to personalise the bottles to fit right into your home.

Mrs Hinch set of 4 white reusable shampoo and conditioner bottles

Not only do we have a wide range of colours available from black to white, pink, sage and grey bottles. We also have a wide range of lid colours to match any home décor from matt silver, gold and our latest edition our bamboo lid dispenser bottles. Our brand new bamboo lid bottles come in a range of colours too. Our white and bamboo lid dispenser bottles are right on trend and sure to fit into any home colour scheme. Whilst the stylish Grey and Bamboo lid Dispenser Bottles can add a real touch of style to your bathroom or kitchen. Last but certainly not least if you are looking to add that natural, calming spa like feel to your bathroom, then look no further than our stunning, Sage Green Dispenser Bottles with the exclusive Kath and Kin font available in a range of wording and wording colours for your to customise

All our bottles hold 500ml. Now when it comes to offering a clean and organised look, our pump bottles are experts at it.

Not only do they make a great treat for your own home. Our soap dispenser sets are a very popular gift for loved ones at Christmas. The added bonus of our dispenser bottles is the choice of pre made sets in the drop down from our best selling Bath Soak set of 4 to His and Hers set for the perfect couples gifts, to shower gel sets for those who prefer a nice refreshing shower over a hot long soak in the bath.

Alternatively you can create your very own customised pump bottles set by adding a single bottle x quantity you require and add the wording you would like us to add in the drop down box. Now you don’t get that kind of customisable service on the high street, do you?

If you are purchasing for a friend or family member you may be thinking, what dispenser bottle colour do I get? This is where our gift tip comes in handy. If you know their home décor colours then great. You can chose from the full range of bottle and wording colours on our website under the Dispenser bottle Collection on our website. If you are unsure, we find going for a white set with silver or grey wording is the safest bet as these fit into pretty much any home décor and style

Now something else we are all very aware of, now more than ever are germs. Winter is the time of year we all want to go that extra mile to protect our families. Using on of Kath and Kin's reusable bottles for Hand wash or Sanitiser helps keep you and your family safe, but keep a refillable bottle of sanitiser near the door to help keep your guests safe too. Chose to customise your bottle with a choice of wording or wording colour from our Dispenser Bottle Collection

Shop our full range of Shampoo and conditioner dispenser bottle on the link below. Happy Shopping

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