Turning Boring Bathrooms into Wonderful Washrooms

At Kath & Kin, we love to help our customers with sprucing up their homes, designing and developing a range of homeware products that can complement every room. So, instead of sticking with boring decor, why not invest in something unique and different and explore our bathroom range today. 

Allow us to show you how you can turn your boring bathroom into a wonderful washroom that you’re proud of, all with Kath & Kin. 

Bathroom Decor

The first stage of reshaping and redesigning your bathroom is the decor. We have recognised that matching is a key aspect of bathroom design and decor, creating a smart and stylish look throughout. At Kath & Kin, we have replicated this ideal through our products, including our Reusable Bathroom Bottles, complete with personalised text. 

Instead of seeing an array of bathroom products scattered around the space, you can transfer all of your hair and skin care products into the Kath & Kin reusable bottles. They also come in a vast amount of colours, perfect for matching any style of bathroom. 

And we don’t just stop there. We also have products to hold cotton pads, earbuds and much more, such as our Bamboo Bathroom Storage Jars Set. The minimalist and natural approach we have taken to our bathroom products stop them from clashing with colour schemes, giving you plenty of choice for your bathroom space. 


This is one aspect of washrooms that many don’t enjoy, but can be made more pleasant with Kath & Kin. For example, our Cleaning Storage Carry Caddy and Stackable Storage Caddy with Lid is the perfect way of organising your bathroom products, storing them neatly and out of the way. You can even personalise these items with your own text, labelling them however you’d like. 

For cleaning products that match your bathroom, why not take a look at our White Personalised Spray Bottle, holding 500ml. Choose from our range of wording options when purchasing this product, including spritz, bathroom and disinfectant, and use it accordingly. 

Fancy replicating this theme throughout your home? Our cleaning items are perfect for the kitchen, living room, utility room and much more. Neatly store your cleaning products from room to room, all with Kath & Kin. 


Large Glass Bath Bomb Storage Jar full of bright colourful bath bombs with white label saying bath bombs in black in a fresh white bathroom setting

Whilst our bathroom products are clearly labelled, there are other Kath & Kin items that can be used in your washroom. Such as our Festive Winter Wonderland Tea Light Dome ideal for creating that relaxing candlelit atmosphere that many of us love. This effect works by softening that harsh bathroom light and letting you rest your eyes in the soft glow. 

You can also try out our 5 Litre Apothecary Bath Bomb Storage Jar to accessorise your washroom. Instead of leaving your bath bombs scattered around, you can keep them all in one place with this beautifully labelled glass jar. A perfect addition to any bathroom ledge. 

We love seeing our customers turn their boring bathrooms into wonderful washrooms, so why not tag us in a photo of your new Kath & Kin bathroom products on Instagram. Or, start shopping the Kath & Kin range today right here